Tomi Ahonen’s Almanac

It’s that time of the year again. Our pal, Tomi Ahonen (consultant, speaker, blogger, Tweeter, raconteur and all-round good Mobilist) has just launched his Almanac for the year – a steal at €9.99. For our US readers, we don’t use dollars here, but it’s about $13.57 in your language.

Tomi’s Almanac is one of the most comprehensive data sources about all things mobile and it’s a must-buy item for…well, almost anyone who works in mobile. It’s got everything you need to know about handset sales and market sizes throughout the world, key facts on music and mobile, all you need to know about mobile gaming, mobile advertising, the best mobile blogs (pleased to see MobHappy included) and even key milestones in the industry. Did you know that 2004 was the year that there were more mobile subscribers than credit card owners?

Tomi’s Almanac is not available in the shops, as they say. Get it direct from Tomi at You won’t spend a better 9.99 non-dollars this year.

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