Mobile Trends for the Next Decade

MH pal Rudy de Waele asked me to participate in an interesting project before the holidays: a collection of predictions for the mobile world over the next decade. He took my contributions and put them together with those from an illustrious list of contributors (see below) into Mobile Trends 2020, the Slideshare presentation below. There’s some thought-provoking and conversation-inducing stuff that’s included, and it’s quite a bit more compelling than the short-term predictions that emerge around this time. Indeed, it took a fairly significant shift in thought (for me, anyway) to escape short-termism and try to project out over the next decade.

As I said, there is some really great stuff here — take a look, and weigh in with your thoughts and predictions for the next decade in the comments.

Mobile Trends 2020 includes contributions from oward Rheingold, Douglas Rushkoff, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Gerd Leonhard, Timo Arnall, Carlo Longino, Katrin Verclas, Atau Tanaka, Alan Moore, Marek Pawloski, Ajit Jaokar, Nicolas Nova, Inma Martinez, Tony Fish, Jonathan MacDonald, Willem Boijens, Carlos Domingo, Russ McGuire, Raimo van der Klein, Michael Breidenbruecker, Robert Rice, Steve O’Hear, Ted Morgan, Martin Duval, Andreas Constantinou, Fabien Girardin, Matthäus Krzykowski, Rich Wong, Andy Abramson, Ilja Laurs, David Wood, Stefan Constantinescu, Henri Moissinac, Kevin C. Tofel, Enrique C. Ortiz, Felix Petersen, and Tom Hume

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