Um, No, You Can’t Spam Our Subscribers, But Thanks

We just got an interesting email in to MobHappy Towers:

Russel & Carlo,

[company we thought was reputable, and which you’ve definitely heard of]’s partner and developer team is interested in purchasing email lists from MobHappy. Could you please provide me with the following information?

* Number of unique monthly visitors to your site
* Email list community size
* Newsletter list community size
* Audience breakdown, including number of developers
* How developers are segmented (iPhone, etc.); if they not segmented, can they be?
* Geographic breakdown
* Pricing information

I am currently unable to access my [company we thought was reputable, and which you’ve definitely heard of] email, so if you could please reply to all when you respond, I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

First, It’s Russell, with two Ls, but nice try. Second, this email brings to mind some of my rather ham-fisted attempts to pick up girls in college, because it, like me back then, elicited a certain response: “Do you find this approach to actually be successful?”

So just to make things clear: we don’t sell our email list. And we don’t “rent” it, either.

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