Congrats Russell and the rest of the AdMob team!

You might have heard that Google’s buying AdMob. My co-blogger Russell was, of course, AdMob’s first employee, and he’s far too modest to bring up the deal here — so I’m going to do it for him!

Congrats to Russell and the rest of the AdMob team, especially its founder, Omar. It’s been exciting watching them bounce from strength to strength and see the ad impressions pile up, and witness how they’ve supported so many publishers and developers by giving them an easy and effective way to monetize their content.

And I also wanted to say welcome to all our new readers who are coming to us from the WSJ’s Venture Capital Dispatch blog, which had a nice little writeup on Omar (and Russell), highlighting the series of posts Russell put together based on Omar’s lessons learned from his work building AdMob. They’re full of some great lessons, so I’ll link to them again here:
Omar Hamoui on Ideas and Company Launches
Omar Hamoui on Sales and Marketing
Omar Hamoui on Deals and Negotiations
Omar Hamoui on Competitive Threats and Team
Omar Hamoui on Communication and A Final Thought

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