Pizza Hut iPhone App Generates $1 million in Pizza Sales

I just put up a couple of posts that you might find worth a read.

At Media Week, I wrote about the amazing success of Pizza Hut’s relatively new iPhone App, that has already generated over $1 million in pizza sales. mCommerce has been a long time coming, but it’s arriving at last.

Also on the subject of iPhone Apps (is there a hotter subject in mobile or marketing right now?) I wrote about Virgin Atlantic’s new App that helps people overcome their fear of flying.

Other subjects that caught my eye recently were Revolution’s coverage of a new AdMob campaign for STA Travel. What’s interesting is that it’s click-to-call, which has been slow to take off in mobile and which ought to be a no-brainer. Anyone have any thoughts as to why it’s not used more often?

Finally, I also like the new Guinness ad, though it reminded me a lot of one of the scenes from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie, when they’re creating Earth. The Guinness ad can be seen here and like most ads from the makers of the Black Stuff, it’s very classy indeed.

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