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Um, No, You Can’t Spam Our Subscribers, But Thanks

We just got an interesting email in to MobHappy Towers: Russel & Carlo, [company we thought was reputable, and which you’ve definitely heard of]’s partner and developer team is interested in purchasing email lists from MobHappy. Could you please provide me with the following information? * Number of unique monthly visitors to your site * […]

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Symbian, Now With Additional DOA-ness For Developers?

Ben Smith over at The Really Mobile Project reports that he was told by some Nokia marketing folks from the Maemo team that Nokia will drop the Symbian OS from its N-Series devices by 2012. Apparently all N-Series devices from that point will use the Maemo Linux OS (like the new N900 does), with Symbian […]

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“If the mobile internet turns into the general internet, then shame on us”

“If the mobile internet turns into the general internet, then shame on us” — says Motricity’s chief strategy and marketing officer, Jim Ryan, in an interview with MocoNews’ Tricia Duryee. Yeah, I mean, shame on us if the mobile internet actually became something useful, enriching, ubiquitous and valuable, supporting a plethora of business models on […]

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Congrats Russell and the rest of the AdMob team!

You might have heard that Google’s buying AdMob. My co-blogger Russell was, of course, AdMob’s first employee, and he’s far too modest to bring up the deal here — so I’m going to do it for him! Congrats to Russell and the rest of the AdMob team, especially its founder, Omar. It’s been exciting watching […]

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Pizza Hut iPhone App Generates $1 million in Pizza Sales

I just put up a couple of posts that you might find worth a read. At Media Week, I wrote about the amazing success of Pizza Hut’s relatively new iPhone App, that has already generated over $1 million in pizza sales. mCommerce has been a long time coming, but it’s arriving at last. Also on […]

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