ESPN Sets Up A Co-Browsing Destination for College Football Fans

In January 2008, ESPN said that its NFL web content got more hits from mobile than from PCs during one 24-hour period. An exec surmised that it was NFL fans checking other scores and stats while they watched other games on TV, or what I called “co-browsing” — using a mobile to surf the web for info to supplement the experience of doing something else.

ESPN has now set up a college football site dedicated to co-browsing during games called Section 140. ESPN bills Section 140 as:

# A new MOBILE destination to cheer, comment and maybe talk a little trash with other College Football fans from all across the country.
# A MOBILE sounding board where you can join the conversation from anywhere during the game.
# A real-time, MOBILE place to meet like-minded and not so like-minded fans while your teams are on the field.
# A place to interact with ESPN College Football writers in the Virtual Press Box.

They’ve set up a schedule for games they’re broadcasting and staffing the site with their online writers, who will be there to interact with fans (who can of course interact with each other as well) during the games. Interesting link between the real and online worlds, and something I think we’ll definitely see more of.

My own Twitter and Facebook feeds tend to take on a life of their own during Texas Longhorn games in a sort of ad-hoc dedicated social network. I think it’s cool to see ESPN try and capitalize on this with something of their own.

Any other good examples of co-browsing destinations out there?

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