Media Week

If you’ve been missing MobHappy recently, I’ve been blogging quite a lot at Media Week, where I have a blog Mobsessed. Obviously, it tends to be more focused on mobile as media and the implications for advertising and is written for a less mobile literate audience than the average MobHappy reader.

If it would be useful, I’ll let you know via MobHappy when I post there and you’re welcome to follow me via RSS too. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, where I’m also reasonable prolific @russellbuckley.

For now I’ll just link to a series of posts I wrote about the future of mobile, based on a presentation I gave at the Mobile Marketing Forum in Berlin a few weeks back.

Brands and Mobile Advertising
Mobile advertising formats – more interesting than it sounds actually!
Mobile is Measurable
Future Devices

Hope you find them interesting.

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