Carnival of the Mobilists – The End?

Many of you are readers and/or contributors of the Carnival of the Mobilists, that started here at MobHappy about 4 years ago and has now been published an impressive 196 times. During that time, it’s become something of an institution, with many of the best writers about mobile taking part.

[For those that don’t know, the idea is to collect the best writing and blogging about mobile from the previous week at a different blogger’s website. All contributors promote the Carnival and send the host traffic. In turn the host sends traffic to the individual contributors. It works pretty well, though I do say it myself.]

In recent years, Judy Breck has been running the administration of the Carnival, or has been “Keeper of the Tents” as she likes to say and a jolly fine job she’s been doing. Sadly, she has had to give up due to some personal issues, leaving us without someone to pull things together.

This means the end of the road for the Carnival, unless we find someone to step into her shoes. It’s not particularly onerous (a few hours a week, at most) and involves appointing hosts and keeping the website updated. In return, it puts the Keeper right at the heart of writing about mobile and is great for networking.

If anyone would like to step up and run things, please let me know. Or perhaps you know someone who might want to contribute like this? I guess I’m the nearest thing to the “owner” so if someone wants to take it over and re-invent it in some way, be my guest.

If not, Roll Up, Roll Up and get your entries in for the very last Carnival of the Mobilists, which is taking place here at MobHappy early next week. More info and you enter by sending a link to your nominated post to

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