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How to Take a Screen Shot on an iPhone

.I just came across this useful little feature for those of you who have iPhones out there. If you want to take a screen shot of your iPhone, press down the Home button and then click the top button. The screen sort of flashes and then the shot is stored in the Camera Roll in […]

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The Guardian on The Future of In-Game Ads

There’s an interesting piece today in The Guardian Online, including an interview with me about how ads work in iPhone Apps and what that might mean in the wider market. Check it out if you’re into this kind of thing. —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley and @caaarlo

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Attack of the Killer Robots

I wrote a post a month or so ago, which I called Humanity 2.0, which was quite widely circulated and worth a read if you missed it, even though I say so myself. My basic premise was that as Artificial Intelligence take us nearer to The Singularity (where machines take over the world), we should […]

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The Trouble with Android

Our friend, Ajit Jaokar has just written linked to an interesting post about Android over at Forum Oxford (free registration required, but I’ve appended it below). UPDATE:The original post was by Tom Insam at Jerakeen.Org. Ajit Tom came up with a bunch of reasons why Android doesn’t quite make it. None of these would be […]

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Media Week

Just a little personal update for those who might be interested. I (Russell) have also started blogging over at Media Week at a site I’ve called Mobsessed – a word I made up a few weeks back. You can check out my first few posts here. I’d be especially interested in your opinions on this […]

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