More Good App News: The Symbian Meta-Publisher

Symbian has announced its Horizon program, which will get developers’ apps into multiple stores with a single submission. Symbian already has a deal in place with stores from Nokia, Samsung and AT&T, and it’s in talks with several more. Basically, instead of submitting their app to each one separately, developers can submit it to Symbian Horizon, then get it in each one automatically.

This is a good move by Symbian. With anybody and everybody jumping in to the app store game, it’s going to be quite a headache for developers to make sure their apps are in all of them and accessible to everyone. This goes back to my previous post about how discovery is still a problem, and will be exacerbated by the proliferation of app stores. It will be crucial for developers to get their apps in as many of them as possible, so users can find them easily.

IIRC, this is similar to what Qualcomm used to do/still does with BREW apps — it would centrally approve applications, then make them available to all its different operator customers’ stores.

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