We’re Twitterly Mobsessed

As I’ve said before, a lot of my writing energy is going on Twitter these days, especially interesting links and stuff like that. Yesterday I wrote a brief (obviously) tweet about a report on people who are really into their mobiles, who were dubbed Smartphoniacs.

This description didn’t sound quite right to me – a little contrived and clumsy – so I offered up “mobsessed” as a neater alternative. The phrase has taken off in the Twittersphere, largely due to the influence of Tomi Ahonen, Godman of all things mobile. This has led to a Twitter meme where people are writing:

You know when you’re #mobsessed when…

or occasionally

You know when you’re not #mobsessed when..

Some of the best so far are:

You know you are #mobsessed if while on vacation,you value a place because its 3G network coverage @oscarb

You know you’re #mobsessed if you’ve turned to your wife and said, “honey, they’re playin our ringtone” @SonyEricssonDev

You are #mobsessed if you and your wife squabble over the phone chargers (even though you have one in every room of your house) @mike_bradford

You’re #mobsessed when you go to toilet just so you can #tweet legally without being seen as #twitterholic in office @cchhaann

You know when you’re not #mobsessed when your ring tone is the default Nokia tune. From me.

Have a go yourself – if you Tweet it, don’t forget the hash tag ie #mobsessed. Or just leave it as a comment.

On a peronal note, I’m off on holiday for a couple of week tonight, so leaving Uncle Carlo in charge.

Toodle pip.


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