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Mobile Barcodes: Dead or Alive?

I’d been wondering a bit about mobile barcodes lately after I set one up as a shortcut for a blog. There’s no doubt that they’re useful as a means of navigating to a site on a mobile device, and have lots of other potential uses as well. But after being talked about as the next […]

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More Good App News: The Symbian Meta-Publisher

Symbian has announced its Horizon program, which will get developers’ apps into multiple stores with a single submission. Symbian already has a deal in place with stores from Nokia, Samsung and AT&T, and it’s in talks with several more. Basically, instead of submitting their app to each one separately, developers can submit it to Symbian […]

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PR Gets Into Apps, Too

I pointed out a couple of weeks back that simply getting your app in an app store isn’t a marketing strategy. Apparently the team at VSC Consulting were thinking the same thing, as they’ve now launched AppLaunchPR, a division of their PR firm dedicated to building awareness and driving downloads of mobile apps. Interesting stuff, […]

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Japan’s Porn-Obsessed Highlight The Need For New Content Delivery Models

You’ve probably already seen the story about how Japan’s mobile networks are creaking under the strain of mobile porn. While Japanese operators say they can’t look at exactly what their users are downloading, the booming business of porn providers, plus a nightly spike in data traffic around midnight, gives them a pretty solid idea. Certainly […]

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Stefan Eriksson Watch: Back In Jail!

Last time I’d reported on Stefan Eriksson was January 2008, after he’d gotten out of jail in the US and was waiting to get booted out of the country. Looks like our favorite ex-mobile exec has gotten himself in a little more trouble, and will be spending the next year and a half in a […]

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