Creativity Comes to Location

In my Predictions for 2009, I suggested:

I think that this is the year when creativity comes to Location and some very interesting things happen as a result – albeit in a small way. We’ll start to move away from find-my-nearest and simple buddy trackers and start to see innovation.

So, I was interested to see Skyhook’s Ted Morgan’s presentation, which came out of the big Mobile 2.0 conference in Barcelona last week. I’d love to have been there, but had a clash. Hopefully next year!

Since January 2009, you can see that innovation has indeed exploded by doubling the number of location services in the market – largely led by iPhone, of course. Creativity has also come to call, with a whole bunch of services from tracking your location history when you’re out drinking, seeing claimed UFO sightings in your area and a kids’ car game based on spotting state licence plates (the furthest away states are worth more points).

Of course, one of the visions behind these types of services is hyperlocal advertising, which will provide an important part of the commercial engine, much as AdMob does today for many Apps, especially in Apple’s Apps Store. However, this has many logistical and supply issues to overcome , where technology can only help in a limited way.

Anyone interested in Location Based Advertising would be advised to read my free White Paper (email me for a copy), as everyone else in this game seems to have a copy. I’ve sent out more than 5,000 in the last 8 years!

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