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Developers: An App Store Isn’t A Marketing Strategy

App stores abound these days: Apple’s well-known effort has been joined by BlackBerry’s App World, and more recently, Nokia’s Ovi Store, while pretty much every operator, handset vendor and used-car dealer has said they’re going to set up their own shop. A lot of this is based on the huge number of downloads by iPhone […]

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A Future for IVR

When thinking about the new new thing, it’s quite easy to lose sight of opportunities in older technologies, such as Voice. Voice was obviously the first service to emerge in mobile telephony (that was the only thing you could do with the early phones, Best Beloved) and is still easily the highest revenue earner for […]

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Clay Shirky on Mobile and Twitter

I’ve been a long time fan of Clay Shirky. For instance, I loved his seminal “Permanet, Nearlynet, and Wireless Data” essay back in 2003 – still a must-read if you haven’t. He’s always great value as a writer and as a speaker, so if you haven’t seen his TED talk on mobile, twitter and a […]

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Mobile Microfinancing

I’ve written about microfinancing a few times in the past, most recently about Kiva, and now I’m pleased to see that microfinance has met mobile. If microfinance is a new idea to you, it has really exploded in the last few years, ever since the Grameen Bank pioneered the concept in Bangladesh. Read more about […]

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Creativity Comes to Location

In my Predictions for 2009, I suggested: I think that this is the year when creativity comes to Location and some very interesting things happen as a result – albeit in a small way. We’ll start to move away from find-my-nearest and simple buddy trackers and start to see innovation. So, I was interested to […]

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