Omar Hamoui on Communication and A Final Thought

Here’s the final piece based on Omar’s experiences on successfully building a business worth hundreds of millions dollars in just a few years. Today we cover Communication and a final piece of advice that he says is the most important of all.


Don’t hide anything

It’s not worth the trouble and it will come to light eventually.

Re-ask the question if necessary (get a real answer and don’t just go through the motions)

Some people have conversations as if the only thing needed is for both people to move their mouths and make noise. If you are in a conversation make sure you are both really saying something. Feel free to challenge people on fluff until something of substance is uttered.

Russell adds: Omar walks the walk on this one, for sure. I’ve frequently heard him ask the same question numerous times until all is clear.

Be right (unless you have a right to be wrong)

It’s ok to say you don’t know, but it’s not really ok to be dead wrong about things you SHOULD know. Choose your words carefully; people build their opinions about each other through lots of small interactions.

Say no or say when

If someone asks you for something provide them with a clear “No” or a delivery date. Constantly providing open ended “I’ll look into it” answers generally builds frustration after a time.

Russell adds: Take note Product, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, BD, Finance (is there anyone I’ve left out?) everywhere.

Most important

Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be afraid to get fired.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake or change your mind.

If you find that you are doing or not doing something simply due to a fear of what might happen, chances are you need to rethink the problem.

Fear is an awful guide and people tend to be awful judges of the true “downside”. One of the most amusing things in the world is watching MBA students at the best business schools in the world fret over their career opportunities as if they will be living out of a cardboard box if they don’t get the right internship.

The best advice I have is that whatever you do, it should be done as if you are reaching for a new opportunity, rather than shrinking from a phantom anxiety.

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