Upcoming Events: WIP Jam at JavaOne, Mobile 2.0

There are a couple of great events coming up that are worth checking out. First, on June 3 at Java One in San Francisco, our pals at WIP are holding another one of their WIP Jam Sessions. If you’re a mobile developer and will be in the area, definitely hit this one up. It’s free, and full of great discussions and contacts.

Next up is the latest Mobile 2.0 Europe event on June 18 and 19 in Barcelona. Not that you should really need much inducement to visit Barcelona, but Rudy de Waele and co. have put together a tremendous list of speakers, and they’ve also added a developer day that looks good.

Rudy also adds another good reason to come is to “Come and see the new Champions League cup in Camp Nou of F.C. Barcelona.” We can only hope, Rudy 🙂

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