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1 Billion Apps

Keep that in mind the next time somebody tells you people don’t like to download apps on their phone. And remember Buckley’s Law #31: Citizens will download applications, providing it’s very clear what the application does and what the benefits of using it are. As well as its corollary, Longino Revised Statute 31.31/b: Citizens will […]

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Welcome Back

To me, that is 🙂 It’s been a while. As many of you know, I started work on an MBA in the fall, and this semester has been pretty brutal on the work front. Combined with a job/internship search in this economy (coupled with Vegas’ 10%+ unemployment rate), and time has been pretty short. In […]

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Valencia Festival of Media

I’ve been tweeting a lot from the Valencia Festival of Media, where I have been lucky enough to join a very distinguished line up of judges (and I do mean really distinguished) and speakers. I find that tweeting lends itself very well to live reportage and I’ve pasted below most of my tweets for those […]

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As the beady-eyed among you might have noticed, I (Russell) have slowed down a lot on the blogging front of late. This is partly due to being busy, but also a lot to do with that I’m Tweeting much more these days. So I subconsciously feeling that I’ve been communicating a lot, when actually I […]

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Carnival #169 at Always On Real-Time Access

This week’s Carnival of the Mobilists is at the esteemed Chetan Sharma’s Always On Real-Time Access and features the best writing from around the blogosphere. We started the Carnival here at MobHappy and I’m pleased to see it’s still trundling on, and these days includes many of the leading thinkers and writers in the mobile […]

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