OrSiSo – Give it a Spin

I’m attending the Mobile Marketing Forum in Singapore at the moment and jolly interesting it is too. Overall, the spurious “year of mobile marketing” (not that there is such a thing really – I mean when was the year of the car, or the internet?) does seem to be in the past. Brands such as P&G are actively engaged with the MMA, as are big agencies in the Region and spending is getting progressively bigger. About bleeding time πŸ™‚

In my capacity as Chairman last night, I attended a session whereby 4 local entrepreneurs gave their 5 minute pitch to a panel of assorted experts, who then gave them honest feedback on their businesses. Think of me as the new Simon Cowell of mobile – albeit hopefully a nicer version than the Prince of Darkness.

One of them caught my eye particularly – not that it’s not going to have problems rolling out – but I thought you might like to try it as it’s live.

OrSiSo (they’ll have to buy a better name) is a kind of social media aggregator (my description). You download the desktop app and give it all your login details of all your social networks, ranging from Facebook to Flickr and from Twitter to LinkedIn. You only have to do this once, although you can add new ones whenever you want (providing that OrSiSo supports them). Then you have one app that displays all the information from all these networks, all on one dashboard, all in one place.

It’s pretty neat and has a very groovy interface. But the main benefit is that you don’t have to keep logging in and out of various networks, but can always have everything all in one place. Oh – and you don’t have to worry about joining new networks, as you just sign up once and then manage the whole thing via OrSiSo.

Give it a try and let them have some feedback.

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