Making Cameraphone Interfaces Reflect How They’re Used

My foibles with the camera in my Nokia E71 are well documented. Given its limitations, I swapped it for a Nokia N82 when I went and saw The Killers break in a new venue here in Las Vegas last weekend. Great show, I definitely recommend seeing the band if they come to a town near you.

Anyway, lots of people there taking pictures and shooting video with their handsets, as usual. But lots of them were going to be disappointed with that part of the experience, as there were plenty of flashes firing from the back of the hall, jittery video, and, as I discovered, the sound was just too damn loud, overwhelming the mic and rendering the audio unlistenable (turn your speakers WAY down before clicking that link).

Obviously the hardware in use here isn’t perfect for this sort of thing, but could there be a better software solution? Detecting tons of noise and adjusting the mic level would help, for one! But perhaps instead of trying to mimic digital camera interfaces and settings, more scenario-driven settings modes, like, say “Concert Mode”, that reflect the times people use their handsets’ cameras, might help. Of course, you’d still have to get people to select those modes, but maybe it’s a start.

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