New Sprint Commercial

Sprint “The Now Network” just launched a new commercial, ditching the old campaign featuring their CEO, Dan Hesse, talking to camera. The new ad shows what’s happening on the network, supposedly in real time, with lines like “29 people have just left their phones in the back of cabs” and that “twice as many people are searching for “dog” as opposed to “cat””.

Have a look.

A couple of interesting things to note.

Firstly, there’s a big shout out to Twitter “233,000 people just Twittered on Twitter and 26 percent of you have no idea what that means.” The fact that it’s featured in a prime time TV campaign really does indicate that Twitter has truly gone mainstream. As do the facts – that’s a lot of tweeting if 233,000 people are typically using twitter on Sprint and that, by implication, 74% of people do know what twittering actually is. I wonder if it’s a throw-away guess or if it’s really representative?

Secondly, it doesn’t set out to do this, but it does illustrate quite how powerful an operator could be if it could ever harness all this information in realtime and make it available to marketers in a seamless and useful experience. If all these people are say, researching restaurants in the back of New York cabs, advertising certainly has a valuable role in helping them find what they’re looking for.

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