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OrSiSo – Give it a Spin

I’m attending the Mobile Marketing Forum in Singapore at the moment and jolly interesting it is too. Overall, the spurious “year of mobile marketing” (not that there is such a thing really – I mean when was the year of the car, or the internet?) does seem to be in the past. Brands such as […]

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Carnival of the Mobilists #171

Check out the very best writing about mobile this week at Carnival of the Mobilists #171, this week hosted at Catalyst Code. Head on over there to read some great posts, as always. if you’re interested in hosting a Carnival at your own blog and benefiting from the resulting boost in traffic, act now, as […]

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Striking the Balance in Ad-Supported Content

There’s been lots of talk about the bright future for ad-supported, versus paid, mobile content. I’m generally pretty bullish on the idea — if it’s done correctly. A big point to consider is the balance between content and advertising, and making sure that you’re not overwhelming your customers with too many ads, outweighing the value […]

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Cleaning Out The Link Drawer

this one is going to stretch back several weeks, but enjoy anyway: – Get an SMS… from your lawnmower – iPhone Web Usage Continues to Rise — Even On T-Mobile’s Network – Mobile phones turning “surveillance society” on its head? – RIM CEO on BlackBerry Storm: “nobody gets it perfect out the door” – This […]

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Making Cameraphone Interfaces Reflect How They’re Used

My foibles with the camera in my Nokia E71 are well documented. Given its limitations, I swapped it for a Nokia N82 when I went and saw The Killers break in a new venue here in Las Vegas last weekend. Great show, I definitely recommend seeing the band if they come to a town near […]

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