Mobile Advertising Myths #1

There’s always lots of reasons we can find not to do and try new things – the vast majority of the world is inherently conservative and doesn’t like change.

Most of my time is spent helping people to overcome this tendency, either promoting mobile marketing generically via the MMA, or getting them to test mobile advertising with AdMob. So I think I’ve heard just about every reason in the Book of Excuses that there are.

Some of these objections are more valid than others, some are outdated views on this fast-growing industry and some are frankly a little silly. I thought I’d share some of them with you in an occasional series of posts. If you think you have a damn fine reason why you’re not going to try this mobile advertising malarky any time soon, leave a comment and we’ll look at the evidence for your decision.

The first one we’ll tackle doesn’t really hold up to much scrutiny, but you do hear it being expounded portentously from time to time. It goes something like this:

That mobile advertising might be ok for some brands, but only if the brand is directly relevant to mobile.

This is really like suggesting that you should only advertise on TV if the brand has relevance to TV. It just doesn’t make sense and would mean that leading advertising categories such as FMCG, cars (autos), Financial Services (I could go on) would never run TV campaigns, let alone Press, Outdoor, radio, online and all the rest.

Even if the mobile were completely unique in this “relevance” argument, there’s plenty of actual case study evidence to demonstrate that mobile works pretty damn well, and actually better, than most other media channels on a number of different variables. If nothing else, we can now point to clients spending $1 million+ per campaign (Jaguar and Landrover, for instance), where it would be hard to argue that the brands have much relevance to mobile and yet have still had proven successes in the rigorous testing that has happened so far.

Anyway, that was a fairly easy one wasn’t it? So, dear reader, the brand does not need to be relevant to mobile in order to successfully run a mobile advertising campaign.

It’s simply a Mobile Advertising Myth.

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