MMA’s London Gig

Sorry for the slow postings of late. I pulled the ligaments in my foot while skiing and then did the worst thing I could, by going to New York and back in 36 hours. So I’ve been hobbling around on crutches, trying to keep the foot in the air at other times and having frequent applications of Quark (a type of cream cheese!), which allegedly keeps the swelling down.

This has also forced me to cancel some of my travel plans too, including the MMA’s London gig on Monday, which sounds like somewhat of a triumph. One of the frequent criticisms of mobile gatherings tend to be that we all end up “talking to ourselves”. In this case, there were over 200 attendees – of whom over 50% were brands and agencies. I hope they weren’t pounced on too overzealously by my industry colleagues.

It’s worth reading about the speeches given by BA’s Chris Carmichael, The Guardian’s Steve Wing and of course, the inimitable, Rory Sutherland, form Ogilvy. The most comprehensive account I’ve seen is by Andrew Grills, who was also Tweeting furiously on the night, which at least gave me a sense of being there in spirit. Checkout Bena Roberts too at GoMoNews, although she seems to have given up reporting by the time Rory took to the stage, so captivated was she by his eloquence!

Well done the London team for getting this going – especially the MMA’s own Paul Berney and the two co-chairs, Alex Meisl and Scott Seaborn. I’m particularly pleased to see it work so well, as driving value at local level was something I really wanted to see happen during my Chairman year and I especially wanted London to be a success for the organisation.

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