It’s Big. It’s Very, Very Big! Did I Say It Was Big?

Our pal, Tomi Ahonen, has posted a fairly long piece about the sheer humongously massive bigness that is the mobile industry, that’s a must read over at Communities Dominate Brands.

Tomi starts off by putting into perspective exactly what 4 billion mobile phones means in comparison to other media and consumer goods:

Newspapers? the total circulation of all daily newspapers worldwide is about 480 million. Cars? There are about 800 million cars on the planet. Cable and satellite TV subscriptions? About 850 million. Personal computers including desktops, laptops and netbooks, about 1 billion. Fixed landline telephone connections, about 1.2 billion. eMail users about 1.3 billion. Internet users about 1.4 billion. Television sets about 1.5 billion. And credit cards? About 1.7 billion people carry at least one credit card in their wallet.

Then follows a vigorous analysis of the state of mobile today, including why sms will triumph over mobile email (sorry RIM) and even voice and how 37% of all music sales are already for mobile consumption today.

Check it out.

Tomi kindly sent me a while back his new eBook “Pearls” which I’ve been dipping in and out of with great interest. Tomi collects his case studies, or Pearls, on his many travels around the world and fascinating reading they are too. You can find out more, including 6 free pages of the book and 4 Pearls here.

It costs Euro 9.99 to download the whole book – a bargain considering the wealth of content.

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