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MWC From Afar

It was more than a little odd to not be at MWC this year. The event and its predecessors had been a regular stop for me for several years running, and I missed the chance to connect with friends, readers and contacts. In any case, I did have a few thoughts on things I saw […]

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Mark Cuban Agrees

I’ve been writing for a long time now about how the mobile is going to do to the PC, what the PC did to the mainframe. Mainframes certainly aren’t extinct, but they’re a niche market today. The scenario I see is that the mobile will become our primary digital device and that when we need […]

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MoMo Global Peer Awards 2009

I’m just back from Mobile World Congress and will try and jot some impressions down later, from my observations. But one of the highlights (as always) was the Mobile Monday Global Peer Awards, part of which I was lucky enough to judge again this year, for the third time running. The idea is that each […]

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Things That Made Me Go “Cool Beans” This Week

The title isn’t very Google friendly, but you can’t have everything. But here indeed are a few things of interest this week. – I’ve been using a neat little application called Xobni recently, which is a free app that helps you manage email so much easier. It works as an extension to Outlook and really […]

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Facebook In Talks With Nokia

The WSJ is reporting that Facebook and Nokia are in talks about how to embed the social network into Nokia devices, mentioning the possibility of integrating Facebook contacts and activity with the device’s phonebook. That’s not quite the complete Facebook as Mobile UI idea, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction, and one […]

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