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Cloud Connect Starts Today

I posted last week about TechWeb’s Cloud Connect event, which covers the hugely important cloud computing area. Just a reminder that it starts on this historically important day, so if you can find time to drag yourself from Obama-mania for a little bit, check out the coverage on the blog, Wiki and Twitter. Yes, you […]

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Moto Sales Down 50%

In my second Prediction for 2009, I suggested that it would be be a disastrous year for Motorola “as the Razr generation flock to the iPhone, starting in earnest this Christmas”. Sadly, that’s exactly what seems to have happened, as Moto announced last night that their fourth quarter sales were down by an astounding 50%. […]

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Coming to San Francisco, Orlando and Barcelona

Just a quick update on my travel plans in the next month – if you’re in the area, maybe we can get together and say Hi. I’m in San Mateo from 20th – 23rd January, Orlando for mPlanet (which looks like it’ll be great) from 24th to 28th January and of course, dear old Barcelona […]

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2009 Predictions 7, 8, 9 and 10

Finally, here are my last lot of Predictions for 2009. 7. Mobile Payments Gain Traction Ultimately, I believe that the mobile will swallow up the credit card industry, just as it’s fundamentally changed the photo business and decimated alarm clock and calculator sales. But it’s going to be pretty tricky getting from where we are […]

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Plugging into the Cloud

One of huge changes that’s going on as we speak is cloud computing, whereby information is increasingly stored on the internet instead of local devices. This has huge implications for IT, as well as mobile, and leads to trends like the end of software as we know it, the server-less company (who outsources all their […]

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