Moto Sales Down 50%

In my second Prediction for 2009, I suggested that it would be be a disastrous year for Motorola “as the Razr generation flock to the iPhone, starting in earnest this Christmas”.

Sadly, that’s exactly what seems to have happened, as Moto announced last night that their fourth quarter sales were down by an astounding 50%. I wonder if they’ll last the year out, as Carlo wrote in his predictions?

Obviously, I don’t enjoy the fact that they’re going down, but it’s interesting that while change is often very slow to happen in the first place, when the Tipping Point is reached, it happens much more rapidly than you think it would.

Moto is a good example, but recently we also saw this sudden change about how people browse the mobile web over wifi. And I certainly noticed that at the beginning of the the ski season this year, you were really in the minority (all of a sudden) if you didn’t have a ski helmet.

Another example that springs to mind is the belief in man-made global warming a few years back – you went to from ‘quirky’ if you believed, to ‘quirky’ if you didn’t in about 6 months!

Anyone else noticed this phenomenon of rapid change after the tipping point?

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