Coming to San Francisco, Orlando and Barcelona

Just a quick update on my travel plans in the next month – if you’re in the area, maybe we can get together and say Hi.

I’m in San Mateo from 20th – 23rd January, Orlando for mPlanet (which looks like it’ll be great) from 24th to 28th January and of course, dear old Barcelona for Mobile World Congress from 15th to 19th February. I’ll probably be squeezing in a trip to London too in the meantime.

A great place to meet up in Barcelona will be the Mobile Monday Peer Awards, taking place on the Monday (d’oh) and organised by my pal Rudy De Waele. I have the honour to be on the jury for the third year running and I’m looking forward to what is always a great afternoon hearing from the cream of the world’s startups.

This year we’re having a pre-judging session too, which will make things run a little quicker and leave more time for networking. Watch out for more details soon.

On the subject of travel, I’ve also been playing round with TripIt, also available as a plugin on LinkedIn too. TripIt allows you to input your travel itinerary and make it available to people in your network. It also alerts you when people are going to be in the same place and you can arrange hook up.

I’ve used other similar services in the past, but I found that keeping them up to date was a hassle. What’s clever about TripIt is that when you get a confirmation email from your airline or hotel, you just forward it by email to and it automatically completes the details. This is a very cool feature.

If you’d like to join my network at LinkedIn or TripIt, invite me or email me at russell AT mobhappy DOT com.

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