Plugging into the Cloud

One of huge changes that’s going on as we speak is cloud computing, whereby information is increasingly stored on the internet instead of local devices. This has huge implications for IT, as well as mobile, and leads to trends like the end of software as we know it, the server-less company (who outsources all their computing to someone like Amazon) and the potential that enterprise computing will become so commoditized that a shoestring garage startup will have access to technology hitherto available to only FTSE 500 companies.

So I’m very pleased that MobHappy has become a media partner for TechWeb’s Cloud Connect event that starts on Tuesday 20th January in Mountain View, California.

TechWeb is the team behind a bunch of great happenings, from Mashup Camp to Black Hat DC, from Web 2.0 Expo to Startup Camp, so it should be a great event and they promise lots of unconference style features, plenty of audience interaction, as well as a great line up of speakers.

Unusually, you can’t register for this as it’s already more than twice over-subscribed. But you can follow it at Twitter, as well as the Wiki and blog on the site. Check out the videos on the home page too, for some thought provoking stuff from the likes of, Amazon and Google.

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