CES: Where are all the Android phones?

I went to my first CES event last night, I saw a couple of cool things, but I was more surprised by what I didn’t see: any new Android handsets. It’s been about three months since the launch of the T-Mobile G1, but I’m yet to see any more actual products running Android. Qualcomm, as Engadget put it, tried to “distract from Snapdragon fail” by running Android on a demo unit, but that’s pretty meaningless. There have been plenty of handset announcements (Phone Scoop is doing its usual excellent job of staying on top of them), but nothing Androidy. You look at something like the Motorola SURF A3100, and think that’s a nice-looking phone… shame about the Windows Mobile, though. If it had been running Android, it would probably be the early handset leader in buzz. But as it stands, it’s just another WinMo touchscreen with a slightly customized UI. Whoopee.

So, again, where are the Android phones? And how will Google’s plan for mobile domination proceed without them?

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