And We’re Back…

It’s been a rough adjustment to normal life, whatever that is these days, after a few weeks away in Argentina over the holidays. While I didn’t spend too much time pondering mobile while away, I did see a couple of great posts elsewhere:

There is more than one mobile context by Tom Hume. Fantastic post and even better comments regarding a move away from the commonly held view that mobile content and internet use is all about “snacking”.

Cometh the hour cometh the man. by Ian Wood. A great call for a mobile industry figurehead that’s not the head of an operator trade group, a handset vendor trade group, or a content group, but somebody who can champion the entire industry for everyone. This paralleled nicely with Dean Bubley’s call a couple of months back for a group to specify end user handset requirements to counter operators and other groups who dictate what ends up in mobile devices. Personally, I nominate Russell, but I imagine he’s busy enough as it is 🙂

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