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Podcaster Extraordinaire Available

I’ve long believed in the potential power of podcasting as a medium and as consumption currently stands at around 18% in the US, it’s starting to cross from niche to mainstream. I’d predict that this is just the start of things though and the big leap will happen when our mobiles have integrated MP3 players […]

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Didn’t See This Coming: Mobile Phones Are Hard To Use

BBC NEWS | Technology | New phone features ‘baffle users’: The complexity of modern mobile phones is leaving users frustrated and angry, research suggests. Some 61% of those interviewed in the UK and US said setting up a new handset is as challenging as moving bank accounts. Compiled by mobile firm Mformation, the survey found […]

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Old News I Want To Post Anyway: Stupid Criminals and T-Mobile Ads

A couple bits of news from last week that I never got around to posting: Mobile Phones Empowering Stupid Criminals Everywhere, Part XIII I’d seen this, but thanks to Tomi Ahonen and his reader Steve Epstein for passing it along: Some idiots in Columbus, Ohio carjacked a guy’s BMW with his phone inside. So one […]

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Touchscreens Don’t Automatically Equal Good UIs

Over at the MEX Blog, Marek Pawlowski posted a great piece talking about some successes and failures of touchscreen user interfaces. Without a doubt, touchscreens are the current hot thing in mobile handsets, and many people are rushing into them with the idea that “It worked for the iPhone, so it’ll work for us”. But […]

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Mobile Advertising Innovation in Turkey

Many people are surprised at quite how successful mobile marketing is in Turkey. Turkcell (the main operator) has consistently been pushing the envelope of innovation to such an extent that it is actually one of the most successful markets in the world, easily holding its own and even exceeding territories which have an arguably more […]

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