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Mobile Peer Awards 2009 – Barcelona

If you’re going to Mobile World Congress this year (and you should be!), one of my favourite events is the Mobile Peer Awards. I’ve been a judge for the last two years (since they started) and am flattered to have been asked again for 2009. The idea is that each chapter of Mobile Monday, nominates […]

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Predictions for 2009

While we’re on the subject of Predictions from MobHappy, we’ll be having a little change in procedure for 2009, to reflect some of the changes that are happening in mobile. No, we’re not doing them at the end of the year or anything like that. But we will be publishing them on Twitter, in headline […]

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2008 Predictions (Part 2)

Yesterday, I reviewed my first 5 predictions for the year of 2008 and gave myself 4 out of 5, so far. And I think perhaps I even deserve a 1/2 point for the one I got wrong. Today, we’ll look at the other 5. 6. Explosion of Third Party IM Platforms Well, these were certainly […]

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A Smart Idea from Smaato

At the Mobile Monday German National Summit last Monday, I spotted this nice idea for a badge, worn by Harald from Smaato. The photo isn’t the best, but it says: We are HIRING not firing I thought it was clever, as a free hiring medium, but also a conversation starter and as a statement that […]

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2008 Predictions

As we move into that Predictions time of the year, it’s worth just reviewing how I did on my thoughts of what 2008 would hold. It’s worth just saying that these things have a habit of sounding a little bleeding obvious now they’ve happened. But it’s not that easy – go on try it yourself […]

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