Predictions for 2009

While we’re on the subject of Predictions from MobHappy, we’ll be having a little change in procedure for 2009, to reflect some of the changes that are happening in mobile. No, we’re not doing them at the end of the year or anything like that. But we will be publishing them on Twitter, in headline form, at least 24 hours before we announce them and write them up on the blog.

So if you’re not following us on Twitter (MobHappy is the user name), now is your chance to sign up. If you don’t “do” Twitter, you’ll just have to be more patient than the Twitterati, or start following. Remember, if you follow either Carlo or me personally (ie not “MobHappy”), you won’t get these previews.

Actually, I very rarely use my personal Twitter account these days, so you’ll be waiting in vain most of the time anyway.

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