Mobile Peer Awards 2009 – Barcelona

If you’re going to Mobile World Congress this year (and you should be!), one of my favourite events is the Mobile Peer Awards. I’ve been a judge for the last two years (since they started) and am flattered to have been asked again for 2009.

The idea is that each chapter of Mobile Monday, nominates their favourite local startup to go into the final. This year there are no less than a staggering 67 chapters entering. This means that we’ll be doing a pre-judging round and then allowing 20 finalists a strict 3 minutes each to present their case.

Attending this will give you an insight into the real grassroots of the mobile community and advance warning of potential disruptors, megastars and the frankly, whacky companies of tomorrow.

Rudy De Waele is the Maestro behind this. Check out his blog post for more information and mark the date in your diary.

If you’re a VC, you still need dealflow in these interesting times, right? Well, a sponsorship package (at a surprisingly reasonable cost) gives you exposure into 67 startups around the world, as well as a hefty dose of publicity form the blogosphere and mainstream media. These are your people!

Obviously, all offers of sponsorship are very welcome. But for the VC community, it’s a bargain.

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