Today’s Data Point, With Apologies To One Mr Tomi Ahonen

If you read MobHappy, you’re probably familiar with Tomi Ahonen of the Communities Dominate Brands blog (and if you aren’t you should be). He’s been talking for quite a while just how big the revenues generated by SMS are:

Communities Dominate Brands: SMS text messaging worth 100 B dollars in 2007:

Now its clear this year we will pass the 100 billion dollar mark… How big is that? Take all of hollywood movie box office revenues worldwide. Add all of the global music industry revenues. And add all of videogaming revenues around the world. Even all those three together, we don’t reach 100 billion.

So I quickly thought of him when I saw a post today about some new research proclaiming that global messaging revenues are some five times higher than global movie box office receipts. For the numerically inclined, mobile messaging will be worth $130 billion worldwide this year, compared to about $27 billion for movies.

As we say here in Vegas, “dayum”. And remember, you heard it from Tomi first.

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