Nokia v Google – Battle of the Titans

There’s an interesting post over at MocoNews, which reports from the recent Nokia World event in Barcelona. Worth a read if you have a few minutes as it sets out much of Nokia’s innovation vision for the company.

But the thing which leaps out for me is how the company (like Microsoft before it) is on a direct collision course with the mighty Goog, who is encroaching on much of what they do (and what they plan to do).

For instance, Nokia says that while there’s a company that plans to “index the world”, while they plan to “co-ordinate” it. Apart from the fact the Google’s famous mission is actually to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”, the two descriptions seem remarkably similar. But there’s little doubt in my mind that phones and mapping will be dominated by one or the other.

They’re also on a direct collision course over operating systems (and open source operating systems at that), email (Nokia Messaging Vs Googlemail), Nokia’s Point & Find has very similar potential use cases to Google Street View and of course, the big prize of advertising on mobile.

There’s no sign that Goog are going into music at this stage (the other core part of the Nokia strategy), but that market has an equally formidable incumbent in Apple. Having said that, the Nokia Comes With Music service seems great value, though I haven’t actually tried it, as curiously and for the first time in a very long time indeed, I no longer own a Nokia – I have an iPhone and a Blackberry.

So stand back and watch the two giants slug it out. Microsoft v Google is so last decade. Tickets now on sale for Nokia v Google.

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