Fanta is Strangely Silent

Fanta has just announced the launch of a new mobile game (via New Media Age), which sounds quite groovy, but with an important dash of pure genius.

The basic game is virtual tennis, played via Bluetooth and consumers can print out a real court from the Fanta website. That’s the groovy part – appealing to to their youthful target market’s love of gaming, their addiction to doing cool stuff over Bluetooth and all things mobile – especially new stuff.

The genius part is that the game sounds are generated at very high-pitched frequencies (sometimes called Mosquito), meaning that are generally only audible to the under 20’s. Yes, that means that you probably can’t hear them at all.

The inspiration almost certainly comes comes from the story about an alarm company who started to use the frequency to disperse kids hanging around shops. In fact, they simply recorded the sounds and made them into ringtones inaudible to adults, including their teachers and parents. My, how they laughed when they could call each other in classes without their teachers hearing.

Congrats to both Coca-Cola and Ogilvy, the team behind the campaign, who have both been at the forefront of mobile innovation and continue to push the barriers at a time when too many agencies are still saying “Well, if I don’t surf the mobile web/play games on my phone/click on mobile ads, no one does”.

Did they learn nothing from the first digital revolution?

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