Two Free Tickets to Mobile Media Investor Conference

MobHappy is a media partner for the Mobile Media Investor Conference in San Francisco on 9th and 10th December and a great speaking line up they have too.

We’re giving away two free tickets to the event worth $1,495 each, but there’s a catch. Firstly, you have to be the first of two people to respond to this by email russell AT mobhappy DOT com. Secondly, you have to agree to write up a blog post of your impressions of the gig, which we will hopefully publish here at MobHappy.

It’s a going to be a great conference and the best ideas for businesses are still being funded – never fear. Although it might seem counterintuitive, now is a really great time to start a business!

If you’re not quick enough to get the free tickets, you can still claim $500 off by using the code MMIC995 when you register. Enjoy it.

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