As you can see from my artfully graffitied image above (Banksy, eat your heart out, mate!), a short while ago, AdMob served our 50 Billionth ad. This was quite comfortably within our 3rd birthday and is quite a milestone, as you can imagine.

Congrats to all my colleagues at AdMob on a very fine achievement and one that shows no sign at all of slowing down.

Special kudos to Omar, AdMob’s Founder, who came up with the idea and continues to lead the company and drive it forward on a daily basis. If you’re not from round these parts, I don’t do sycophancy (though admittedly, it might have come in useful now and again in my career), so by a process of deduction, you may rightly conclude that my claim must really be honest praise and appreciation.

Here’s to the next 50 Billion!

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