Helen’s Warning

MH pal (and my old colleague), Helen Keegan, has a great post over at Musings of a Mobile Marketeer called “There is No Future of Mobile”. Of course, she doesn’t really believe that, but she does remind us of some important warnings for all of us who work in mobile and we should ignore them at our peril.

Most of the themes will hopefully be familiar with MH readers, but this isn’t a world where we can say something once and move on. Issues like flat rate, and comprehensible, data packages and being user centric remain critical issues for the mobile industry and if you know anyone important in the world of mobile, forward her link as a timely reminder.

The only point that probably requires more argument and discussion is whether the mobile is just a communication device. Sure, most of the primary successes to date have been driven by communication, without question, and communication will continue to be really important in the future. But gaming and alarm clocks (the third most popular functionality of mobiles according to Blyk) are two exceptions that spring to mind, but are they anomalies or hints of things to come?

It also depends on the definition of communication, I guess. Is broadcast or one-to-many “communication” or do we reserve that for one-to-one? Because some form of TV and radio/podcast are inevitable for mobile.

A topic for another day.

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