Happy Birthday Dear MoMo

Last night saw the third birthday of the London branch of Mobile Monday, so congrats to Dan, Alex, Jo and Helen for keeping it going. I know all too well from my German activities that it’s demanding and time consuming, so to keep the London end refreshed and vibrant for that long is a great achievement.

The format of the evening was slightly different, with Tim Green of Mobile Entertainment magazine doing a polished chat show style interview with various people. Mike Short of O2 was as interesting and authoritative as ever, after which I did my bit talking about what a year it had been for AdMob (spectacular) with some great questions from the floor.

Next up we had Madhuban Kumar, who provides a kind of guru service to young companies, helping them to develop as well as raise finance. Very bright lady.

Finally, we had Bill Thompson, from the BBC’s excellent Digital Planet, who is a kind of hairy Stephen Fry’s younger brother – knowledgeable, amusing and deliberately provocative.

Half time entertainment was provided by the team over at Mobile Industry Review, doing a very ballsy live recording (if you see what I mean) of their video podcast. They’re also going to do a pre-Christmas free-prize-draw for lots of gadgety goodies, so get yourself a ticket and help a bunch of charities all at the same time.

Anyway, I had a great time, only slightly marred by having to leave early and miss out on speaking to lots of people I’d have liked to have caught up with. I’m sure that there will be a next time.

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