Mippin Gets Social

mipp.jpgOne of my favorite mobile content sites, Mippin, announced a cool new social feature last week. You’re probably already familiar with how easy Mippin makes it to find and consume mobile content; its new social feature lets you discover new items through other users, and it even uses a nice “similarity meter” to display how similar your tastes and interests are to another user’s.

So if I go look at somebody, like, say, Whatleydude, Mippin will tell me we’ve got medium similarity, and then I can choose to follow him, or check out his shared stories or the sites he reads. Nifty, and a great way to discover new mobile content.

They also made this amusing video to explain it a bit more:

Good job to the team at Mippin, and I look forward to what they come up with next!

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