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MMF Budapest and P&G

I’ve just returned for a 2-day Mobile Marketing Association conference in Budapest. I’ll share more later as I catch up, but in the meantime, I thought you’d be interested to hear a little about how the famed P&G sees mobile marketing. Khurram Hamid is the Global Head of Mobile Marketing for Procter & Gamble and […]

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A Word On User-Hostile Design: Press T to Focus

I took that pic in my last post with my Nokia E71. I’ve been really happy with this device since I started using it about six weeks ago, except for the camera. It’s been taking fairly awful pictures, even under good conditions. The first pic I took of that WSJ ad was so blurry, the […]

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Intel Marketing + WiMAX = ???

This Intel ad — pumping up the launch of Sprint’s WiMAX network, called Xohm — was on the front of Monday’s Wall Street Journal. What I’m most interested to see from the Xohm launch is how hard Intel will pump WiMAX and Xohm up, and how much marketing spend it will put into its efforts […]

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Radar, Back on my Radar

I had the chance recently to catch up with John Poisson, the head of Tiny Pictures, the company behind the Radar mobile service. I first met John a couple of years ago, and I came away from that meeting impressed both with him and Radar. John really gets mobile, and gets how people use it […]

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mjelly Launches Mobile Service Directory

Got an email in from James over at mjelly this week, letting me know they’ve launched a new directory of “mobile 2.0” services and applications, both on the PC web and on mobile at While it’s just getting started, it looks like a useful tool to find some great mobile sites and services, so […]

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