Apologies for the Slow Posting

Just a quick note to say sorry from my end about the slow posting rate of late.

My main problem has been lots of travel in the last month and I’m afraid Blogging and exercise are the first two things that get jettisoned from my routine. First I had a little tour of South America and coming up I have the Mobile Marketing Association forums in San Diego and Macau. Hope to see you there if you’re attending – please come and find me if you have a few minutes.

This week also saw the death of my step-father, someone who I have known and been very fond of for most of my life. So off to England for the funeral and help organise all the stuff that needs to be done when someone dies. While it was both expected and really was the best thing for him – he’d been fighting cancer for the last 3 years and getting the worst of it – it’s still a shock when it finally happens. It also means that writing about mobiles and stuff doesn’t seem very important, although I promise it’s a temporary blip. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Anyway, that’s my excuses. No idea about Carlo – he’s just a student. Probably too much time in the college bar, based on my own hazy memories 🙂

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