Update On Nokia Email

A few weeks ago, I used the beta Nokia Email service as an example of a service from Nokia that had gone badly wrong — seeing as how it simply didn’t work at all for me. Somebody from Nokia got in touch, and asked me if I’d try it again. With his help, I got it going — and it’s not half bad. Not great, but not half bad. At least it does what it says, pushing emails from my Gmail account quickly. And it is miles better than the built-in email client that ships on the device.

One foible: I don’t like how you can’t hit the green send key to send a message, like you can in the messaging app on the device. Hopefully this will get added, and the rest of the bugs will get worked out. I’m curious to see what happens in this space for Nokia, since they announced this week they were shutting down work on their enterprise push email software, as well as buying IM/email provider OZ.

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