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Cool Job in New York

MobHappy pals and leading Spanish (and Mexican) mobile player, MobileDreams Factory is looking for a Biz Dev Director to kick-start their new US operation in New York. This is a very cool job as they’re really going places, having won loads of awards and are a real hotbed of creativity. Clients include as Coca-Cola, Diageo, […]

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Will Peer-to-Peer SMS Advertising be Huge?

P2P SMS is clearly a huge market – nothing new there. According to Wikipedia, there were around 500 Billion sent worldwide back in 2004 and based on what’s happened in the UK since then, I think it’s reasonable to assume that today, it’s about 1,000 Billion. The sheer numbers involved have got many companies (mainly […]

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How To Doom The Services Strategy To Failure

Services, services, services. Lots of handset vendors and operators have been talking about services, and how they’re key to the future. I’ve had a hard time buying into the talk too much, given the long and storied track record of big-name companies in the mobile industry rolling out dreadful applications and services. It’s hard to […]

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Standalone GPS Units Fall To The Mighty Mobile

First it was digital cameras, then watches, then as Russell predicted in April, GPS-enabled mobile handsets will this year outsell standalone GPS units. GPS Phones Surpass Standalone Devices: More GPS-enabled handsets will ship this year than standalone navigation devices, IMS Research said today. Take that, separatistas! —–>Follow us on Twitter too: @russellbuckley and @caaarlo

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Tesco Gets Into The Mobile VoIP Game

Tesco has launched its new Talk Wifi service (via Pocket Picks), offering users of a few Nokia S60 devices a downloadable application that lets them make cheap calls over WiFi, to go alongside its low-cost MVNO and fixed VoIP services It’s fairly similar to services like Truphone or Fring (indeed, I assume Tesco’s using a […]

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