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iPhone, Mobile Advertising and Search

One of the characteristics we’ve noticed at AdMob is the phenomenal amount of mobile web pages viewed on iPhones. It’s a combination of a great device, combined with fixed rate data packages (removing click-fear), but also great timing, as there’s more and more compelling content out there, which just didn’t exist a year ago. So […]

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The Truth About Mobile Phone Radiation and Health

Hardly a week goes by without another rumour that some scientist, or in some cases complete nut case, claiming that mobile phone radiation is killing us, lowering sperm count or causing some kind of genetic mutation. Sometimes the case put by the media sounds pretty damning and makes you wonder if we really shouldn’t just […]

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Will You Buy an Android Phone?

Next week should see the launch of the long awaited Android phone and Strategy Analytics are forecasting that they’ll take 4% share of the Smartphone market in Q4 in the US, according to our friends at Mobile Entertainment. This equates to 400,000 handset sales, which seems like quite a lot to me for a high […]

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If It Walks Like A Telco and Talks Like A Telco…

Anybody remember a few years ago when Steve Jobs said that Apple wasn’t that enthusiastic about launching a handset because they’d have to sell it through US operators — which he referred to as “the four orifices”? Steve’s view that the operators made life difficult for innovators and stifled innovation weren’t too far off, but […]

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Clever Marketing From Oasis and the NME

Not exactly mobile-related, but this latest marketing campaign from Oasis and venerable British music mag NME is a pretty genius way to get people excited about the band’s upcoming record. Get Oasis’ “Dig Out Your Soul” music before album release date: The band have teamed up with NME in a musical first, which will see […]

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