ME Awards

Last night saw 400 leading industry figures gather together in London for the prestigious ME Awards, organised by Mobile Entertainment magazine and it was great to catch up with so many old pals.

AdMob picked up the Best Advertising and Marketing Company for the second year running, which was hugely flattering. But then it has been quite a year with the industry-changing analytics product, as well as some really game-changing ad formats for the iPhone and humongous growth.

Check out the full list of winners, but nice to see companies like Flirtomatic, Taptu and indeed, the iPhone all being recognised too.

The compere for the evening was comedian Adam Bloom, who did an incredibly good job. A lot of comedians treat these kind of trade events with a little distain and trot out a bunch of stock material, with no effort to tailor things to the audience – or as Tim Green, ME’s editor quipped “we tried an unfunny comedian last year”. Not so, Adam. Not only did he prove himself to be a true mobile geek, but he had a string of one-liners which he must have carefully researched and thought out beforehand.

My favourite joke was when Taptu won the Best Mobile Search category and Adam said “Congratulations guys – I have to say that I‚Äôve never heard of you. However, I will Google you when I get home.‚Äù

There was also some delicious irony when Nokia sponsored the category and personally presented me with our award. OK it was a different part of Nokia who compete with us, but it’s still Nokia, right? In my acceptance speech (I always make a point of keeping these extremely minimalist as no one really wants to listen), I made a special point of thanking the sponsor, which felt very good indeed.

As the evening wound up at well after 2.00 am, I turned round and there was Adam Bloom, still socialising and having fun, which was way beyond the call of duty and showed what a true Mobilist he is at heart. Book him for your next event.*

* A small caveat: If swearing worries your audience (it didn’t worry this one), perhaps you should ask him to tone it down a little. UPDATE: Adam Bloom has asked me to point out that he normally doesn’t swear at all at corporate gigs (and rarely on the comedy circuit per se), but was specifically reassured that it was de rigour behaviour for the ME Awards – which it is, really. So I’m happy to put the record straight.

The lesson for any party organiser though, is to make it clear what is acceptable to the audience. This is a lesson I learned very early in my career in my first job after half a sales team walked out in protest at a comedian’s act that was very mildly blue, even by the standards of the time. Tell ’em what you want and then there’s no misunderstandings.

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